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About Us




President   Jay McElwain
1st Vice President   Brent Gatton
2nd Vice President   Charlie Skaggs
 Secretary/Treasurer   Joe Kordes
Farm Bureau Women's Chair   Mary Kate Kordes
Farm Bureau Young Farmer's Chair   Charlie Skaggs
Agency Mgrs.   Rickey Hoskins
Co. Agriculture Agent   Darrell Simpson


Mark Bandy   Greenville
Jerry Cabbage   Sacramento
Peggy Cabbage   Sacramento 
Clay Cornett   Greenville
Roy Day   Belton 
Paul Grace   Greenville
Timmy Hendricks   Sacramento
 Wayne Johnson   Greenville 
Nathan Lovell   Greenville
 Bennett McElwain   Dunmore 
James & Ella McPherson   Sacramento  
 Rodney Phillips   Sacramento 
Steve Reed   Elkton


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