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About Us



President   Gerry Hayden
 Vice President   Jonathan Miller
 Secretary/Treasurer   Robin J. Rowe
Farm Bureau Women's Chair   Judy Hayden
Young Farmer Chair   Nathan Howard


Freddie Adkins   Sacramento Greg Miller   Rumsey
David Albin   Calhoun Mark Robertson   Calhoun
Duane Atherton   Utica Gene Sanderfur   Calhoun
Jonathan Ayer   Calhoun Glenn Tanner   Calhoun
Kelly Baird   Calhoun Kelly Thurman   Livermore
Payton Bullock   Sacramento John Vickers   Sacramento
Stewart Curry   Livermore Harold West   Rumsey
William Clouse   Calhoun Roger Williams   Island
Mark Howard   Calhoun Billy Wright     Livermore
Paul J. Logsdon   Rumsey      



McClean County
Gerry Hayden, President


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