Distracted Driving

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Automakers' response to distracted driving

The auto industry has taken notice of distracted driving. Some tools have already been invented to curb the effects, while other technologies are quickly developing from budding ideas to larger-than-life innovations. 

What is distracted driving?

Today, the number of cellphones in the U.S. surpasses the country’s population. And according to a study by AT&T, 70 percent of people admit to using those cellphones while driving.

Top 10 reasons why people crash on Kentucky's roadways

Each year, there are thousands of collisions and hundreds of lives lost on Kentucky’s roadways. Tragically, many of these crashes could have been avoided. When you’re behind the wheel, please do your part to keep Kentucky safe.

The Perfect Accident

Distracted driving is no laughing matter -- just ask Tareena Horton. On Valentine's Day in 2009, the Breckinridge County resident learned first-hand just how quickly an innocent distraction can turn into a life-altering event.