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About Us


Green County
Larry Clark, President

President   Larry Clark
 1st Vice President   Paul Stacy Sidebottom
2nd Vice President   Donald D. Shuffett
Secretary/Treasurer   Tammy Davis
Farm Bureau Women's Chair   Sundown Clark
Young Farmer Chair   James Bonta


Tommy Bailey   Greensburg Garry Larimore   Greensburg
 Wilburn Bonta   Greensburg Mike Lobb   Greensburg
Doug Clark   Greensburg Arnold Matney   Greensburg
Grant Curry   Greensburg Shaun Murray   Greensburg
Jeff Davis   Greensburg Charles Noe   Campbellsville
Eddie Durham   Greensburg Amy Olt   Greensburg
Blake Edwards   Greensburg Tony Skaggs   Greensburg
Alan Foggett   Greensburg David Thompson   Campbellsville
Sarah Hodges   Greensburg Billy G. Wright   Campbellsville
Dale Houk   Greensburg      


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