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About Us


President   Brian Clark
 1st Vice President   Mark Henderson
 2nd Vice President   Terry Ishmael
 Secretary   Anthony Marshall
 Treasurer   James Jett
 Farm Bureau Women's Chair   Mary Jayne Cannon
 Young Farmer Chair   Terry Ishmael


 Randy Barker   Flemingsburg  Rick Lewis   Hillsboro
 Bobby Campbell   Wallingford  Rick Lowe   Flemingsburg 
 Jere Cannon   Flemingsburg Anthony Marshall   Flemingsburg
 David Deatley   Wallingford  Joseph Marshal   Flemingsburg
 Darrell Doyle   Flemingsburg  Charles Master  


 Jeff Dryden   Ewing  Donald McCord   Ewing
 Bill Grannis   Flemingsburg  Randall Meadows   Wallingford
Daryl Grannis   Flemingsburg  Ralph Owens   Ewing
Jarrod Fritz   Flemingsburg  Anne Wilson   Flemingsburg
Arthur Gray   Hillsboro  Terry Vice   Ewing
Steve Jackson   Flemingsburg      
Jimmy Jett   Flemingsburg      


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