National Priorities

Kentucky Farm Bureau 2017 National Priority Issues


  •  Federal crop insurance programs should be maintained at current levels to provide an effective safety net for agriculture.
  • Support crop insurance initiatives to maintain the integrity of crop insurance.
  • Support NRCS providing assistance for the development of additional water resources for irrigation and livestock use.


  • Support a thorough regulatory review to ensure regulations do not impose an undue economic burden on any segment of society and the regulatory process is transparent and results achievable.
  • All regulations should be based on sound, peer-reviewed scientific data that can be replicated.
  • Support congressional oversight of federal agency regulatory actions to ensure rules and regulations do not exceed the intent and authority of federal law.


  • Support fair and open multilateral trade agreements that will open new markets and expand existing markets for U.S. agricultural products.


  • Support immigration reform that includes restructuring the H-2A program to streamline the process making it more reliable, economical and simple for farmers to participate. Reforms should include moving from Adverse Effect Wage Rate (AEWR) to an agriculture prevailing wage.
  • Support development of an effective migrant worker program to address labor needs within the livestock industry.


  • Support a producer’s right to protect livestock and property against nuisance wildlife predation. Support the creation of a nationwide depredation order for black vultures that allows producers the ability to take problem birds without having to secure a federal permit.
  • Federal agencies should pursue alternative means to address endangered or threatened species concerns.


  • Support changes to current health care law that will stabilize the market, encourage competition that will reduce health care costs and increase consumer choice.


  • In order to protect the future integrity of our nation’s economy it is in our best interest to address budget deficits, which erode our ability to remain fiscally stable with the goal of reaching a balanced budget.
  • Federal tax code should be reformed based on sound economic principles to create a more competitive business climate.

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