Membership EasyPay® Terms and Conditions - Kentucky Farm Bureau

Membership EasyPay® Terms and Conditions

MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL CHANGE ADJUSTMENTS OR CANCELLATION: Membership renewal notice changes will be processed by the Membership EasyPay® system. Each year the amount of transfer will be based on the member's county annual Farm Bureau dues. If the member wishes to cancel or update this Membership EasyPay® Agreement, notify Kentucky Farm Bureau by contacting your County Farm Bureau office or by visiting by October 25th of each year.

CONDITIONS OF ELECTRONIC FUNDS TRANSFER: EFT will be scheduled to occur once between the 10th and 15th of November each year. Members will be notified when the EFT may occur. Variances in the EFT date may occur due to weekend and holiday processing. Debit notification in the amount of transfer will appear on the member's bank statement.

Prior to the membership being due, we may choose to run a test authorization to verify bank information is correct. If a notification of an authorization failure is received, which may include incorrect routing number, account number, or name on the account, then the Membership EasyPay® will be deactivated and the member will be billed.

MISCELLANEOUS: If the Membership EasyPay® is deactivated, membership renewal notices will be sent to the member until deemed necessary to discontinue.

Dues amount are subject to change each year. Please contact your County Farm Bureau office for more information.

The Company reserves the right to amend or cancel this agreement at any time. Any future Terms and Conditions will be updated at