Identity Theft

As a Kentucky Farm Bureau member, you and your family automatically receive identity theft recovery services. For even greater peace of mind, we’re now offering credit monitoring – a proactive detection tool that informs you instantly of potential fraudulent activity related to your credit report. This service monitors all activities that are reported to TransUnion – one of the major credit reporting bureaus. Once activated, you will receive an email alert within 24 hours to inform you of a change to your credit report. If no changes have occurred, you will receive a monthly all-clear email. Individual monitoring is just $50 a year; family monitoring is $80 a year. Go to to sign up today. Please call GetVerifID at 1-866-440-1146 for additional information.

ID Experts – Identity theft Consultation and Restoration

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America. How’s that for a startling statistic?

As part of the many benefits included with your Kentucky Farm Bureau membership, you have access to Identity Theft Consultation and Restoration Services. All eligible* family members in the household are covered and the service is included in your annual membership dues.

Identity theft occurs when a thief uses an individual's personal identification information, such as a social security number, an address, and/or credit and debit card numbers without permission with the intent of committing fraud or other crimes.

If a KFB member suspects that their identity has been stolen, they call 1-866-827-4355 and speak with a trained Member Service Specialist.

After gathering some basic information, a thorough assessment of the member’s unique situation will be performed to determine the nature and extent of the identity theft event.

Once a determination has been made that a member’s identity has been stolen, the member is assigned a Personal Recovery Advocate and a case file is opened.

Utilizing a Limited Power of Attorney, the Personal Recovery Advocate will work on the member’s behalf to restore their identity to pre-theft status.

The Personal Recovery Advocate will remain assigned for as long as it takes to restore the member’s identity to pre-theft status.