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  • December 16, 2009

A story on the additional sales option for some Kentucky burley growers through the tobacco growers cooperative. Coop President Roger Quarles and Farm Bureau Tobacco Advisory Committee Chair David Chappell comment.

Listen: December 23, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K

  • December 16, 2009

A report on the election of a new president for the Ky Farm Bureau, Mark Haney of Pulaski County. Haney comments from the podium about his election, his belief in the farm group, and some of the things he sees as major challenges ahead for agriculture here.

Listen: December 22, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A new pilot project to expand the use of debit cards in rural settings, such as community farmers markets, is about to get underway. The Ky Ag Department's Janet Eaton says it's just another positive sign for continued growth in the future of farmers' markets.

Listen: December 31, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


The U.S. Department of Labor regulations update for the employment of migratory workers under the H2A program has been released. Ky Farm Bureau national affairs director, Joe Cain, provides some details of the major changes.

Listen: December 30, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A report on the priority issues for farmers as we head into the '09 legislative session. Ky Farm Bureau President Mark Haney comments on his testimony in Frankfort before the Rural Issues Subcommittee of the Joint Committee on Ag and Natural Resources.

Listen: December 29, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A special feature report with the president of the Calloway County Farm Bureau, Mark Paschall, who discusses some of their program activities that led that group of local farm leaders to be named Ky Farm Bureau's "top county farm bureau" for 2008.

Listen: December 26, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A report on the ongoing effort to monitor and control the onslaught of all types of invasive species of plants and animals. UK extension forester Billy Thomas says the U.S. spends and estimated $130 billion annual trying to control these invaders.

Listen: December 25, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


An in-depth report on the recent decision of the National FFA Organization to put its annual meeting in a three-year rotation between Indianapolis and Louisville. Comments from FFA CEO, Larry Case and Ky Farm Bureau Executive Vice President David Beck.

Listen: December 24, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Holiday crime: it happens in the country and the city, and we all need to do our best to prevent it. A feature story with Ky State Police Captain Tim Lucas on ways to prevent home break-ins and property thefts.

Listen: December 19, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A review of the UK Ky Ag Economic Outlook for 2009 with Dr. Lee Meyer. Farm receipts were up in '08; so was net farm income, but 'flat' is the word the UK economists are using for the project for the next few years on Ky farms.

Listen: December 18, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Did you ever wonder what farmers do in the winter time? Well Jefferson County truck farmer and roadside market operator, George Gagel, offers some insight into the winter time operations on his farm.

Listen: December 17, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A visit with one of the winners of the Ky Farm Bureau's farmer idea exchange competition, Bill Payne of Lincoln County who’s developed a fairly elaborate, but relatively low cost way for year round watering of cattle.

Listen: December 16, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A story on some year end actions that farmers can take to lower their tax liability. UK farm business analyst Jerry Pearce offers a few suggestions for farmers to consider.

Listen: December 15, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A report on the Ky U-cut Christmas tree season and the chance for families to start a holiday tradition. Clark County tree producer Jim Fehr is featured discussing the challenges of this specialty business and some of the rewards.

Listen: December 12, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Why do farmer volunteers put in so much time, trouble and effort to promote such activities as a farm animal petting zoo. Well, one of those volunteers says they do it to get a chance to educate consumers about the farmer's way of life.

Listen: December 11, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A project in eastern Kentucky to promote tourism in a five-county area has seen its first tour effort fail. The good news though is that a foundation that promotes economic development in disadvantaged areas, liked the concept so much that it has awarded the group with a $100,000 grant to move forward in '09.

Listen: December 10, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A Jefferson County farmer faces a difficult situation as EPA has expanded proposed "buffer zones" that, because of 'urban encroachment' on the farm, would make compliance for this farmer physically impossible.

Listen: December 8, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A feature report with Bath County farmer Marshall Coyle who's stepping down as the Ky Farm Bureau president this week. He chats about some of the organization's progress and some of the challenges left ahead.

Listen: December 5, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


At age 76, Martin Thomas of Union County is still active in farming, actually tending crops and livestock for other producers. He's also developed a nifty invention to cut down on manual labor when it's time to move temporary electric fences in the spring.

Listen: December 4, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


It’s not too late to take advantage of early season input purchases to try and hold down some of those costs. UK agronomist Dr. Chad Lee says soil testing and variety research can pay off this time of year.

Listen: December 2, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A feature report with the third of three state finalists in the Outstanding Young Farm Family competition, Bart and Sarah Jones of Allen County. The contest winner will be named this Friday at the Ky Farm Bureau annual meeting.

Listen: December 1, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A follow-up report on the latest increase in the quarterly market basket food price survey. Survey coordinator Gary Huddleston with Farm Bureau discusses energy prices, transportation, and the outlook for food prices coming down as energy prices do.

Listen: November 28, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A report with Mary Clingman with the Butterball turkey talk line who with dozens of other home economists is on stand-by to take consumer emergency calls to get through the cooking of today's special meal (1 800 butterball).

Listen: November 27, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


"Over 2 million served." No, that's not an opening year promo for McDonalds it's the impressive number of feeding center servings as a result of help from Hunters for the Hungry. Group coordinator John Phillips comments.

Listen: November 26, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A story on Sweethomespun, a unique member of the Farm Bureau's Roadside Market Program. Henry County's JoAnn Adams says her hobby in the fiber arts, has grown into a life long dream that she shares with others.

Listen: November 25, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A USDA restriction on smaller acreages being eligible for some farm programs has been lifted. Ky Farm Bureau president, Marshall Coyle urges smaller farmers to check with local FSA offices by this Wed, Nov 26.

Listen: November 24, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


From health care to farm-to-market roads farmers are preparing to debate a host of issues at the Ky Farm Bureau annual meeting Dec 3-6. Feldhaus does a report on the group's resolutions committee which is preparing policy resolutions for voting delegates. The group's state vice president Mark Haney comments.

Listen: November 21, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A feature story with Clark County farmer Shane Wiseman who has qualified as one of three state finalists for the Outstanding Young Farm Family competition.

Listen: November 20, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


The "hay saver" is more or less a chain saw with its chain filed down to a sharp edge that can easily cut large round hay bales into easily manageable chunks that can be fed with little or no waste. Bracken County's Victor McElfresh explains.

Listen: November 19, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A report on the increase in the quarterly market basket food price survey which showed prices in the third quarter up 2% from the preceding quarter but quite a bit higher than year ago levels. Farm Bureau's Gary Huddleston comments.

Listen: November 17, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Keeping the lines of communications open is the goal of some ongoing tobacco discussions between Ky farm leaders and cigarette manufacturers. Ky Farm Bureau president Marshall Coyle discusses details of some of the recent negotiations.

Listen: November 14, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A feature report with Jeremy Hinton, a Larue County orchard producer and roadside market operator who's been selected as one of three state finalists in the Ky Farm Bureau's Outstanding Young Farm Family Competition.

Listen: November 13, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


There's some good news on the dairy product promotion front; some in sales and some about partnerships. Eric McClain with the Southeast Dairy Association talks specifics about that progress.

Listen: November 12, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A report on a major direct marketing educational opportunity underway this week in Lexington. Kristen Banscum with the Ky Ag Dept is featured dealing with the program and with progress in direct marketing for farmers.

Listen: November 11, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


The North American International Livestock Exposition is underway at the Kentucky Exposition Center. President and CEO of the state fair board Harold Workman says this is a prestigious event in the industry offering fun for visitors, positive financial impact on the region, and sales opportunities for producers.

Listen: November 10, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A feature report on (KLAER) Ky Large Animal Emergency Response which is now connected with state emergency services and can help rescue large animals like horses and cows. The group's president, LaTonna Warren talks about their emerging role in animal rescue.

Listen: November 7, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Eddie Warren of Madison County has been recognized for his farm innovation, the rotating hay spear for a front end loader. It may not change the world, but it can help make hay supplies stretch a little farther, and that's especially important with this dry '08 growing season.

Listen: November 6, 2008, mp2 @ 28.8K


How sweet it is! The Ky sweet sorghum crop has come through a dry season with heightened sugar content. Feldhaus visits with Montgomery County producer Danny Townsend who's trying to expand this opportunity for more growers.

Listen: November 5, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


October through mid-December is the peak of deer breeding season, and now through November 15, is the peak of automobile-deer highway accidents. Ky Fish and Wildlife large animal specialist David Yancey provides details and tips.

Listen: November 4, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Even in through November many roadside markets are in full operation complete with farm fresh produce, plenty of Kentucky Proud foods, and lost for the kids to do. A visit with Trudy Reed of Reed Valley Orchard.

Listen: November 3, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Kentucky's grape and wine industry is having growing pains. Ironically, because the 2008 grape crop has been one of the biggest and best ever, some of Kentucky's new wineries are not buying all of the grapes they've asked some growers to produce.

Listen: October 31, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


The orchard floor has the look of last year's devastating drought, but says Pulaski County apple grower Mark Haney, the trees have been bursting with one of the state's finest crops ever. Haney also comments on higher gas prices.

Listen: October 30, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


We’re right in the middle of 'harvest festival season' across Kentucky and UK ag economist Tim Woods says this is a critical time for roadside farm retailers to beef up their bottom lines.

Listen: October 29, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


The general election is just a week away and Ky Farm Bureau President Marshall Coyle is encouraging farmers and the rural sector to turn out and vote, because he says they 'can' make a difference.

Listen: October 28, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


The Kentucky Ag Department has just beefed up its search engine for its Kentucky Proud program. For consumers interested in finding Ky grown or processed products, KDA's Mac Stone says it’s now easier than ever.

Listen: October 27, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


We're fat! And obesity leads to a lot of other health problems that the health industry wants to improve upon. Debbie Murray with the HEEL program says Ky is making some progress, and talks about new efforts to help us reduce our waist lines and our health care bills.

Listen: October 24, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Well, okay, it's just Halloween but when it comes to consumer spending on a holiday, this holiday is growing each year in per capita consumer spending, and that can help some farmers. UK ag economist Tim Woods explains.

Listen: October 23, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Just how bad is the hay and pasture situation? Producers can get the first hand assessment from extension forage specialists at UK's Grazing Conference this Thursday, and they'll provide some options for feeding.

Listen: October 22, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A series of six regional meetings planned by the Equine Initiative, the "new faces" tour, will get underway this week to introduce some new research and extension personnel brought on board to beef up equine education and outreach for horse owners across Kentucky.

Listen: October 21, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


The state's beef producers are facing it again, short hay supplies going into the coming winter. Clark County producer John Hendricks says the upcoming Ky Beef Conference (Oct 28) hosted by UK will feature some ag economists and industry experts to give farmers some options in dealing with the situation.

Listen: October 20, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Feldhaus takes a look at farm damage and damage in general in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike's glancing blow on Sep 14. For hundreds of thousands of Kentuckians that glancing blow brought power outages and worse.

Listen: October 17, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A report on a few winter preparations that Kentucky bee keepers may want to check in on as the colder weather approaches. Comments from state apiarist, Phil Craft.

Listen: October 16, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A feature report on the UK Equine Initiative. Spokesperson Holly Weimers discusses the growing role of this effort having impact on students and citizens across the state. And they've just re-done their website to be of even greater service.

Listen: October 15, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


One of the highlights at the Sun Belt Ag Expo will be a demonstration of UK's quarter scale tractor team. UK's Tim Smith says this unique competition encourages students to put their ag engineering lessons to work on the pulling track.

Listen: October 14, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A report on the Kentucky connection to the Sun Belt Ag Expo in Moultrie, Georgia. This major, regional expo is highlighting the state of Kentucky this year, and Farm Bureau, UK, the Ky Ag Dept, and GOAP are joining forces to put Kentucky's best foot forward.

Listen: October 13, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A report on UK’s development of a new "Bulk Milk Transportation Security and Data Collection System, to be displayed this Thursday in Lexington. Chris Thompson with UK's Regulatory Services comments.

Listen: October 6, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Calloway County farmer, Tripp Furches discusses the need for farmers to know their candidates and to vote in the Nov 4, election.

Listen: October 7 , 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


This weekend there's "big do' ins" in Cadiz as the 32nd annual Trigg County Country Ham Festival gets underway. Local "main street" official, Cindy Sholar is featured.

Listen: October 8, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


The upgrade and renovation of the UK Livestock Disease Diagnostic Center is now underway and Feldhaus has a report with center director Dr. Craig Carter.

Listen:October 9, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


This weekend kicks off Kentucky's celebration of "Second Sunday." UK extension agent, Diana Doggett explains it's a local community effort where at least 50% of Ky counties plan to provide local citizens with a special opportunity to increase their physical activity and improve their health.

Listen: October 10, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


The field is narrow, as only 15 young Kentuckians will be selected for Farm Bureau's LEAD class. The farm group's Susie Tanner explains that this two-year, intensive leadership training activity is a tremendous opportunity for those fortunate enough to be selected. Nomination deadline is Oct 31.

Listen: October 3, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


The Vols and the Cats join forces when UT and UK host a regional Cow-Calf seminar hosted at Western Ky University's Ag Expo Center. Logan County Extension Agent, Chris Milam, says that region’s producers face many of the same problems of farmers across both states.

Listen: October 2, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Kentucky now has the most successful small farmer food safety training program in the country, according to the Ky Ag Department's Janet Eaton, coordinator of the state's "farmers' markets" program. And this coming year they'll also be testing technology for credit card use at markets.

Listen: October 1, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


An update on the current research project underway in Whitley County using goats to control the invasive "kudzu" vine. UK research leader Dr. David Ditsch comments.

Listen: September 30, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A special report with Ky Secretary of State, Trey Grayson, on trends in Kentucky voting and his thoughts on why the farm vote is especially important on Nov 4 and in every election year.

Listen: September 29, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A story on the slow but steady growth of the alpaca breeding industry in Kentucky. Central Ky breeder Todd Allen discusses the business and a special event this weekend at which potential breeders or the general public can learn more about his unique animal.

Listen: September 26, 2008,mp3 @ 28.8K


A feature report on the need for farmers to engage, connect, and vote if they hope to have any chance to make sure that farm issues get resolved by elected leaders. Farm Bureau Political Education Director, Joe Cain, comments.

Listen: September 25, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A report on the dangers of farm injuries and fatalities with two major causes being large livestock and farm machinery mishaps. Ky Farm Bureau's Gary Huddleston discusses a new way to think about injury downtime.

Listen: September 24, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Moving east, UK is also hosting its All Commodity Field Day this week in southeastern Ky at its Robinson research station in Quicksand. While some research is targeted for that region, much of their work applies statewide.

Listen: September 23, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A report on a more casual approach to the typical ag field day. This one has an "a la carte" agenda says UK extension beef specialist, Roy Burris. He provides details of the "Beef Bash" set this week for UK's Princeton research station.

Listen: September 22, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


The new safety specialist at the UK College of Agriculture is Mark Purschwitz who's now been in his position since this past January. He offers his take on how Kentucky stacks up to other states in terms of the potential for farm related accidents and fatalities, and offers solutions to meet some of the safety challenges.

Listen: September 19, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A feature report Mike Just of the Louisville Golf Company on how 'golf' used to provide rural landowners with a market for some of their commodities.

Listen: September 18, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A report on an evaluation underway across Kentucky to gauge the need and support for an extension equine veterinary specialist. Central Kentucky veterinarian Jim Smith is featured.

Listen: September 17, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


An update on the Kentucky sweet sorghum growing season and the fall harvest with Montgomery County producer Danny Townsend, President of the Ky Sweet Sorghum Producers Association.

Listen: September 16, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A report on agri-tourism season kicking into high gear at farm roadside markets and local fall festivals of all types. A report with farm market operator Jeremy Hinton of Larue County who discusses his special attraction; a three-acre penny.

Listen: September 15, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Research is underway at the UK Robinson research station involving grazing techniques that will work best when combining goats with beef cattle to boost farm income. Robinson station superintendent, Dr. David Ditsch is featured.

Listen: September 12, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A feature report with Nicholas County extension agent Gwenda Adkins discussing the Appalacian Experience Bus Tour, a five-county effort to boost agri-tourism in the region to share the 'mountain culture' with those who will visit.

Listen: September 11, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A preview of school year 2008/2009 at the UK College of Agriculture where enrollment this fall is approaching a 50% increase. Ag college dean, Dr. Scott Smith discusses growth, challenges, and progress at the college.

Listen: September 10, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A visit with Morehead State University's ag school chair, Dr. Mike Phillips discussing activities at MSU and their upcoming regional field day, this Thursday, Sep 11.

Listen: September 9, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


An update on the Small Ruminant Dairy Initiative "informational meeting" being held this week in Nicholasville to explore small goat and sheep dairy operations. There are already two processing units operating, and they’re looking for milk.

Listen: September 8, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Agri-tourism of all types continues to grow and offer more farm experiences to consumers who want to get a little taste of farm life and often purchase Kentucky grown fruits and vegetables and Kentucky Proud products of all kinds. A report from the director of Agri-tourism with the Ky Ag Dept.

Listen: September 5, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A report on the September freshwater shrimp harvest underway across Kentucky. Sheila McCord of Clark County says it's a critical time for producers, and a great time for consumers to have a unique, fun experience on the farm.

Listen: September 4, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Part two of coverage from the Farm Bureau's Measure the Candidates forum for the U.S. Senate; this report featuring the comments of challenger Bruce Lunsford.

Listen: September 3, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A report on U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell's appearance in a Measure the Candidates forum before the Ky Farm Bureau state board.

Listen: September 2, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A feature story on Labor Day grilling and the tricks of using a quick-read thermometer for better, safer burgers.

Listen: September 1, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A Labor Day weekend grilling special report with Ky Beef Council's Allison Smith who says we need to get those burgers up to 160 degrees for safe and savory cooking. A discussion of 'quick time' thermometer use on the home grill.

Listen: August 29, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A story with UK forage specialist Garry Lacefield on the success of cost share projects to increase permanent hay storage structures. He also comments on a major field day coming up Sep 4.

Listen: August 28, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


The Kentucky Farm Bureau has created a new 'health issues' task force. Farm group vice president, John Hendricks of Clark County, will serve as chair and is featured in this report.

Listen: August 27, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


If intensive grazing techniques can work for Ky cattle, wouldn't they work for Ky horses? That's the focus of research in Jessamine County, and there'll be a field day there this evening to review the findings. Local veterinarian Jim Smith comments.

Listen: August 26, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A report on the Measure the Candidate forum for candidates for Ky's 2nd Congressional House seat. Comments from forum moderator, Hardin County Farm Bureau President, Ray Allen Mackey.

Listen: August 25, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A report on ATV fatalities in Kentucky and state police efforts to try and curb deaths and injuries from these vehicles. KSP Captain Tim Lucas discusses training, safety gear, and a few suggestions for safe riding.

Listen: August 22, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A story with the Logan County "Canary melon man" who says this sweet melon is a hot item in his community. Russell Poore also has a unique marketing tool on his operation; the honor system.

Listen: August 21, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A feature story on the 45th annual Kentucky Country Ham Breakfast at the state fair Aug 21. The charity auction of the grand champion brought $200,000 last year and a half million dollars the year before.

Listen: August 20, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


The Kentucky Farm Bureau will be hosting Senator Mitch McConnell and Bruce Lunsford this week in a Measure the Candidates forum before the group's state board of directors.

Listen: August 19, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A story on a "webinar" tonight, to deal with soaring dairy input prices. UK dairy specialist Donna Amaral-Philllips talks about the program and the new technology to deliver it.

Listen: August 18, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A report on the "spotty" nature of Kentucky's weather patterns this summer. Feldhaus visits with three producers who have missed a few timely rains and could have crops in stress unless they start catching a few of those showers.

Listen: August 15, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A feature story on "donut peaches" and other new crops being grown these days as Kentucky's roadside farm market operators expand their offerings to their customers. Pulaski County orchard operator, Mark Haney comments.

Listen: August 14, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A preview of the 2008 Kentucky State Fair with fair board president and CEO Harold Workman. He discusses some of the new attractions and the old stalwarts that will draw nearly 600,000 folks to this year's event.

Listen: August 13, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Kentucky seems well suited and geographically positioned for expansion in the use of bio mass materials to produce energy of various types. A UK energy specialist discusses the potential for the state as this technology evolves.

Listen: August 12, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


An update on the carbon credit trading program available to Ky farmers using specified conservation practices. A program deadline is approaching, Aug 15.

Listen: August 11, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A feature report on the Kentucky fruit crop from Mark Haney, an orchard and roadside market operator who says the crop picture in '08 is sure a lot brighter than that of '07 when they faced a spring freeze and summer drought.

Listen: August 8, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


The UK Center for Applied Energy Research (CAER) and the UK College of Ag are joining forces to host a 'biomass to biofuels' short course next week. Rodney Andrews, director of CAER, comments on the continuing evolution of the biofuels industry and its impact on agriculture.

Listen: August 7, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Three different series of 'woodland owner workshops' are underway throughout this summer in Kentucky. State forestry officials are touting them as a way for land owners to get more value from their acreage, with minimal investment.

Listen: August 6, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


For those Ky farmers fortunate enough to receive timely rains to keep their pastures going, UK forage specialist Garry Lacefield says some may want to consider 'pasture stockpiling' to make that feed source last into the winter.

Listen: August 5, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A feature story on the Boone County 4-H group's volunteer project to help the local women's club by painting a "barn quilt." Local 4-H agent Tammy Reams says it was a great project for the kids and the community.

Listen: August 4, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


An additional $2.8 million was made available by USDA for the agency's EQIP program. Comments from the acting director of NRCS in Kentucky about how the additional funding will be distributed and used for conservation.

Listen: August 1, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


The new volunteer program to involve regular citizens in providing improved, more detailed weather data continues to grow in Ky. UK ag meteorologist, Keys Arnold says they'd like even more folks to participate.

Listen: July 31, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


The Bath County Produce Auction is still new but making major progress in attracting major retailers to this center for locally grown fruits and vegetables. Auction Manager Sean Cook is featured.

Listen: July 30, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Jeff Hall the Director of FSA in Kentucky discusses some changes in farm programs from the new farm bill, and some important registration dates that Kentucky farmers need to keep in mind.

Listen: July 29, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A report on farmer concerns about high fertilizer prices climbing even higher next year and some new program registration deadlines of the farm bill. Both will be discussed at a tri-county field day July 31, in Simpson County.

Listen: July 28, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A story on the upcoming UK "Twilight Horticulutre Tour." UK Hort Specialist, John Strang, talks about the topics and opportunities and about some research they're doing that could, down the road, have direct consumer impact.

Listen: July 25, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A feature story with Clark County's John Hendricks who is in only his third year as a roadside market operator. He sees plenty of potential for other Ky farmers in this value added style of marketing.

Listen: July 24, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Some good news and some bad news is included in an industry assessment by the new UK extension dairy specialist, Jeffrey Bewley. The Ky native is glad to be back and sees some promising signs and some lingering challenges.

Listen: July 23, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A story on the Ky Farm Bureau's efforts to help Ky farmers protect their Latino/Hispanic work force by providing farm safety guidelines in both English and Spanish. Farm Bureau Safety Coordinator, Terri Bradshaw comments.

Listen: July 22, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A report on a $200,000 Ag Development grant approved for the Ky Ag Council. Group chair, Dr. Tony Brannon of Murray State University is featured.

Listen: July 21, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


The Garrard County Ag Development Committee was recently approved by the state board for $220,000 in phase I tobacco funds for a host of menu programs involving cattle production. Feldhaus checks on program popularity.

Listen: July 18, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


The first ever Kentuckiana Dairy Exchange will be held July 29/30 in Barren County. This is a two-state endeavor involving UK dairy extension specialists and their counterparts at Purdue University and both Ky and Indiana farmers. UK Extension specialist Jeffrey Bewley is featured.

Listen: July 17, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


The Meade County Riverport is making slow but steady progress, and will mean a new, more profitable market for farmers in the region and a shot in the arm for overall economic development in the area.

Listen: July 16, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


The 65th annual meeting of the Kentucky Association of Conservation Districts is coming up in the next few days. Director of the Ky Division of Conservation, Steve Coleman, talks about the purpose and history of the effort and why it's so important to all Kentuckians.

Listen: July 15, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


The first distribution ($250,000) of payments has been made to Kentucky farmers participating in the carbon credit exchange program. Hardin County farmer Bob Wade says the program won't make you rich, but does reward farmers for using various no-till production methods.

Listen: July 14, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A visit with ag entrepreneur Carl Chaney of Chaney's Dairy Barn in Warren County. Carl's been elected to chairman of the Ky Agri-tourism Council and shares some of his ideas and hopes for expansion in this relatively new area of agri-business.

Listen: July 11, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A special feature with a cancer control specialist with the University of Louisville's Brown Cancer Center. She discusses some serious trends, and some practical approaches in fighting back against skin cancer.

Listen: July 10, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


The new edition of the "Farm Vehicle Regulations" booklet is now being finalized. The farm group's local affairs director Bryan Alvey says this publication consolidates some of the major rules farmers need to keep in mind.

Listen: July 9, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A visit with one western Kentucky grain farmer who says there needs to be more consistency in the myriad of transportation laws and regulations that farmers need to adhere to. McLean County farmer Gerry Hayden comments.

Listen: July 8, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


According to one Ky Division of Forestry educator "there's gold in them, there woods," and the state and UK are joining forces to help land owners enhance the value of their woodlands with a few steps in better management.

Listen: July 7, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


An update on developments and trend with Kentucky's sheep and goat producers. Ray Bowman, Executive Director of the Ky Lamb and Goat Development Office discusses progress and trends.

Listen: July 4, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A feature report with Monroe County farmer Loretta Lyons who has been selected at Kentucky's Farmer of the Year to represent the state in the Southeastern Farmer of the Year contest at the Sunbelt Ag Expo this Fall in Georgia.

Listen: July 3, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A report on an occupational hazard that farmers and others need to take very seriously: sun exposure and skin cancers. Dr. Chris Frost with Dermatology Center of Lake Cumberland discusses the dangers and precautions available to farmers and others.

Listen: July 2, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


It appears the final two candidates for the site cities for the next series of National FFA conventions are now Louisville and Indianapolis. FFA State Director Kurt Lucas discusses the process and the possibilities for Kentucky to get that convention back.

Listen: July 1, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Part two of an analysis of the new farm bill. In this report focus is on the impact of the 2,000 page document on consumers and the general public. Ky Farm Bureau's Director of National Affairs, Joe Cain, comments.

Listen: June 30, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A series of 11 policy development meetings is underway across Kentucky during the month of July. Farm Bureau's Bryan Alvey says there are still plenty of issues on the minds of farmers that need attention at the state and national levels.

Listen: June 27, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Feldhaus does one more report highlighting June Dairy Month, this one with SUDIA's Kathy Belcher on the need for better nutrition among youth, and the growing opportunity for milk to be a part of that solution.

Listen: June 26, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


High fuel prices and a nervous economy may lead to more backyard grilling this summer and the state's beef industry is gearing up for that possibility. The Ky Beef Council's Whitney Brown talks about smart and economical grilling in the back yard.

Listen: June 25, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Kentucky's three Junior Livestock Expositions running through this summer are second in prominence only to the state fair when it comes to competition and education opportunities for Kentucky’s youth. The Ky Ag Dept's Steve Mobley is featured.

Listen: June 24, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


The new farm bill is a 2,000 page document that holds same changes for agriculture over the next several years. Feldhaus interviews Farm Bureau National Affairs Director, Joe Cain, discussing major changes and the program's impact on Kentucky farmers and consumers.

Listen: June 23, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A feature report with David Chappell of Owen County who started competing in tractor pulls when he was 14. He says he's taught the sport to his own youngsters, and he's recently inaugurated the Ohio River Valley Tractor Pulling Association.

Listen: June 20, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Two farm groups have come together focusing on promoting cheeseburger grilling in our back yards, to help celebrate June Dairy Month.

Listen: June 19, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A Fayette County 4-H project is teaching youngsters about growing a crop and in growing an agribusiness. The '07 project was a big hit, and '08's seems to be right in line. Coordinators feel the 4-H GrowBiz effort will work in any county.

Listen: June 18, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A review of the action in the '08 session of the General Assembly from the agricultural perspective. Farm Bureau Public Affairs Director Laura Knoth says given the budget shortfall the farm sector did as well as could be expected.

Listen: June 17, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Over 30 Kentuckians were killed last year in ATV (all terrain vehicle) accidents, and the forecast is that number may rise in '08. Lt. Phil Crumpton with Ky State Police discusses some of the main causes for ATV fatalities.

Listen: June 16, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


McLean County dairyman, Kelly Thurman is featured discussing some of the challenges facing the dwindling number of producers trying to make a successful go of it. Despite the difficulties, he's still very pleased to still be a dairyman and plans to move forward as we celebrate June Dairy Month.

Listen: June 13, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A discussion of the special farm safety issues related to the fact that the farm is not only the work place but the "home" of farm families; and that presents some special safety issues for the very young, and the elderly. Farm Bureau safety coordinator Terri Bradshaw talks about some of these dangers.

Listen: June 12, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A statewide conference on farm labor management is coming to Elizabethtown next week. Adequate labor is critical to Ky farms and this course will help employers on federal rules and on how better to manage available labor.

Listen: June 11, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Three regional woodland owner short courses get started this week in Ohio County. UK forester Billy Thomas says more woodland owners are learning more about how to profitably manage this valuable resource.

Listen: June 10, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A report on the health of FFA in Kentucky as that group prepares for its 79th annual meeting this week at Louisville's Galt House. Matt Chaliff, FFA Executive Director talks about changes, trends, and a booming membership.

Listen: June 9, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Improving demand for a new Kentucky aquaculture crop is the goal behind the 3rd annual Great Kentucky Seafood Cook-off coming up next Monday. Ky Ag Dept aquaculture specialist Angela Caporelli explains how the effort will work to connect chefs with Kentucky producers.

Listen: June 6, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A special 3-part series of woodland owner workshops has been scheduled for three different areas of the state throughout this summer. UK extension forester Billy Thomas says the program can open some doors for landowners, and possibly some new opportunities for profits from timber sales and land improvements.

Listen: June 5, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


One of the fastest growing local celebrations in Ky is the Fort Harrod Beef Festival coming up this weekend. Local extension agent Dana Anderson has details of activities and discusses the educational side of the event.

Listen: June 4, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Kentucky citizens can enjoy a free weekend of fishing this coming Saturday and Sunday. Ky Fish and Wildlife Division’s Tim Slone talks about Free Fishing Weekend's purpose and how it works to introduce youngsters to fishing.

Listen: June 3, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A special report on June Dairy Month being celebrated in Kentucky. Kathy Belcher with the Southeast United Dairy Industry Association discusses dairy's economic impact, numbers of farms, health benefits, and event schedule for Ky.

Listen: June 2, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Paw paws occur naturally in Kentucky woodlands in the ‘understory’ with other low-growing plants. Ky State University researcher Kirk Pomper says the fruit of the plant will grow much better in an orchard-like setting, and could be a profitable alternative crop for Ky farmers.

Listen: May 30, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Given the budget problems and the list of needs going in to this ’08 session of the General Assembly, Farm Bureau legislative director Laura Knoth says Ky agriculture came out in fairly good shape.

Listen: May 29, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A story with David Van Sanford a UK wheat seed variety researcher who discusses a new variety that they’re having unveiled through the Ky Small Grain Growers Association. This process will speed improved seed access to Ky growers.

Listen: May 28, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


The first county fair of the ’08 season opens this week. Ky Ag Dept county fair coordinator, Steward Gritton, discusses the importance of these events to the economic and social fabric of rural Kentucky.

Listen: May 27, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A feature story with Ronny Drennan of B&B Foods a country ham processor who’s just moved his facility from Trigg to Lyon County. He discusses his support of the Kentucky Proud effort and the capabilities of his new plant.

Listen: May 26, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A new series of five teacher workshops is being made available this June through Ky Farm Bureau with free teacher registration for six hours of professional development. The group’s Scott Christmas discusses how successful the project has been in presenting ‘real-life’ examples of the benefits of education to kids, and helping them learn a little about farm life.

Listen: May 23, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


UK wheat seed researchers are working with the Ky Small Grain Growers Association on a new system to make available a promising new wheat variety to farmers this year. Group president Sam Hancock discusses the possibilities.

Listen: May 22, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A Whitley County farmer is joining with UK for a research project on his farm to see if meat goats will graze on kudzu, an invasive weed. The plant has plenty of protein but will they eat it? And can they help control it?

Listen: May 21, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


It’s one of Kentucky’s widest ranging environmental resources with hundreds of them in every county: the farm pond. Ky Fish and Wildlife’s Kerry Prather provides tips on keeping the farm pond healthy and productive.

Listen: May 20, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Some state legislative races will be won or lost in the May 20, Ky Primary: all the more reason says Ky Farm Bureau President Marshall Coyle for farmers and the rural sector to get out and vote in the primary.

Listen: May 19, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A follow-up report with American Farm Bureau president, Bob Stallman, on the impact of ethanol on food price increases. Experts say ethanol production may add about 2 cents to a box of corn flakes, but it reduces the price of a gallon of gas by about 45 cents.

Listen: May 16, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


While grain farmers are enjoying the current peak in the commodity price cycle, record high prices for energy-based fertilizers and other crop inputs are taking a big bite out of their bottom line. Comments with an industry expert.

Listen: May 15, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Other than a little extra noise: well, a lot if they’re in your backyard, this Summer’s crop of the 17-year cicadas will do little harm for KY residents. UK entomologist Ric Bessin discusses these noisy (temporary) neighbors.

Listen: May 14, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A special feature with American Farm Bureau president, Bob Stallman, discussing higher food costs and the complex factors coming together to drive them higher.

Listen: May 13, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


This Thursday is the deadline for signing up Kentucky kids for summer ‘conservation camp.’ Comments from Jay Web of Ky Fish and Wildlife who Discusses the opportunities for kids who get to go.

Listen: May 12, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Farm fuel prices are climbing just like everyone else's and one UK ag engineer says that makes it all the more important to use the latest techniques in efficiency when running tractors in the fields, and he has a few to offer.

Listen: May 9, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Many beef cattle producers have some fairly 'weedy' pastures after last year's drought. One livestock leader says cattlemen may want to try a few goats or sheep, to browse those pastures first for weeds and leave the grass for the cattle.

Listen: May 8, 2008, mp2 @ 28.8K


A feature report on Kentucky's nut production. It isn't a major impact on ag income, but for several it does help with the bottom line. Ky State University's Kirk Pomper discusses new research and potential for more acreage.

Listen: May 7, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Kentucky Proud products continue to grow in use and sales at state parks. The Ky Ag Dept's Warren Beeler discusses growth opportunities for 2008.

Listen: May 6, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A preview of the new Bluegrass Lamb and Goat processing facility in Garrard County. The plant is actively seeking producers to sell direct and save middlemen fees. They'll also soon have product for area restaurants which have expressed strong interest in their finished products.

Listen: May 5, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A feature story on the new horse pasture evaluation program now in its fourth season UK hay marketing specialist Tom Keene feels after last season’s drought the program may be in even higher demand.

Listen: May 2, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


UK family and consumer sciences researchers are doing a survey with Ky public schools to evaluate their nutrition and wellness environments. UK’s Janet Tietyen comments on some areas of success that the state is already seeing.

Listen: May 1, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


An update on the burley tobacco buyout and some of the options farmers are exercising with their annual payments. Dwight Greenwell with Farm Bureau comments on some of the choices and the thinking of farmers making them.

Listen: April 30, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


With ’07 farm fuel input prices going up over 11% last year and projected at over 12% this year UK Ag Engineer says smart operation of tractors in the field can help cut fuel costs. He offers some cost saving tips.

Listen: April 29, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A report in the growth of the ’08 Certified Roadside Market program coordinated by Farm Bureau’s Sandra Gardner who says numbers are up and interest is high.

Listen: April 28, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


The "Get Grillin' Media Tour" is about to get underway. Allison Smith with the Ky Beef Council will soon be making the media rounds across Kentucky, promoting use of beef on our backyard grills this summer.

Listen: April 25, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A major ag related national conference drawing over 600 participants is headed to Kentucky this weekend. Boyle County’s Terry Gilbert, Chair of the American Farm Bureau Women’s Committee helped steer that spotlight.

Listen: April 24, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


This weekend will feature the 2nd annual Cattlemen On the Square Day in Glasgow. Local Cattlemen Association President Frank Roland discusses this celebration and their efforts to keep “city folks” plugged in to progress on the farm.

Listen: April 23, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


All of us need to do a little more each day to improve the environment and on today’s celebration of Earth Day, Steve Coleman, with the state conservation service comments on the environmental success and challenges in agriculture.

Listen: April 22, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A special report on the high incidence of farm accidents during this busy time of year. Farm bureau safety coordinator Terri Bradshaw discusses the growing number of accidents on farms and in urban areas with larger lawn equipment.

Listen: April 21, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Janet Eaton with the Ky Ag Dept coordinates the state’s community farmers’ markets program. This season is about to get started with a record number of facilities on line, and a growing assortment of products for consumers.

Listen: April 18, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A feature story on the Kentucky Quilt Trails being developed in eastern Kentucky. Coordinator, Tony Burnett, says these are artistic and cultural opportunities for rural areas that can also enhance agri-tourism efforts.

Listen: April 17, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


One of Kentucky’s regional farmers’ markets is set to open this coming weekend. Lee Ann Jones has been a vendor there for over 10 years and discusses how this operation has grown into a tremendous opportunity for area growers.

Listen: April 16, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


An update on some of the complexities of developing enough acreage of Ky switchgrass to attract an ethanol plant. UK Hay Marketing Specialist, Tom Keene, says the northern Ky project holds tremendous promise.

Listen: April 15, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A report on USDA’s selection of several Ky counties in the Red River water shed that will be eligible for CSP (Conservation Security Program) awards. Ky’s chief of NRCS, Mike Hubbs, provides details.

Listen: April 14, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


An update with UK hay marketing specialist Tom Keene on the second season of a project examining the growth of switchgrass in northern Ky for possible use in bio-fuels and to be pelletized as a fuel for energy production plants.

Listen: April 11, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A story on one of two pilot projects in the nation, with one now underway in Kentucky, focusing on preserving historic farmsteads and unique barns. Amy Potts discusses a couple of ‘barn tours’ scheduled for this season.

Listen: April 10, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A feature with UK plant pathologist Kenny Seebold on dealing with the fight to contain the spread of blue mold into Ky burley. His advice is to “buy local.”

Listen: April 9, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


If youngsters turn 18 on or before Nov 3, they’re eligible to vote in the ’08 general election. Even at 17, they can vote in the primary if they get registered in time. Ky Farm Bureau political education director Joe Cain is featured.

Listen: April 9, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


The Hemlock Woolly Adelgid is a tiny little insect with a nasty little habit; decimating the hemlock trees in the hollows of southeastern Kentucky. A Ky forest industry expert comments.

Listen: April 7, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


An update to the K.A.R.E. program to help Ky farmers recover from the ’07 drought. State Senator Joey Pendleton made several points at the K.A.R.E. news conference that dairy producers too, are effected.

Listen: April 4, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


It’s spring in Kentucky, and that means it’s the heart of the greenhouse and bedding plant sales season. A visit with Carroll County greenhouse operator Daniel Tandy who discusses the challenges ahead.

Listen: April 3, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Satellite technology seems farm removed from regular old ‘dirt farming,’ but these days GPS is growing in use and savings for Kentucky farmers who are making much wider use of this effective tool.

Listen: April 2, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


An update on KCARD, the Ky Center for Ag and Rural Development which gives business advice to new and expanding ag entrepreneurs, and sometimes tells them “no.” KCARD CEO, Larry Snell comments.

Listen: April 1, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


House leaders are of one accord with Governor Beshear on his K.A.R.E. (ag recovery effort). Reps Harry Moberly and Don Pasley comment on drought losses and efforts to rebound in ’08.

Listen: March 31, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


The Ky Transportation Cabinet is installing a 10,000 gallon tank in Frankfort that will provide ‘bio-diesel’ as an option for a surprising amount of state equipment that utilizes diesel. The Cabinet’s Chuck Wolfe comments.

Listen: March 28, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


The PDR program (Purchase of Development Rights) is growing in Fayette County where a pilot program to keep ag land in farming seems to be doing the trick. Former Fayette extension agent Maner Ferguson explains.

Listen: March 27, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


The UK College of Ag is hosting a Spring Viticulture Field Day this week at its South farm. Kaan Kurtural, UK viticulturist, comments on the program, and trends in growth in acreage and number of Ky grape growers.

Listen: March 26, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


It’s almost time to buy those bedding plants for your home and Garden; and roadside market greenhouse operations are just about ready. Tammi Warren of Madison County’s Warren Farm Greenhouse comments.

Listen: March 25, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A story on farm reaction to Governor Beshear’s announcement of the K.A.R.E. program to deal with ’07 drought relief and help boost water infrastructure on farms to handle feature weather stress.

Listen: March 24, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A feature story with a young Morgan County farmer who has a unique agri-business on his family’s farm. Chris Nickell earns extra farm income as a “horse breaker.”

Listen: April 21, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Several roadside farmer markets are already to roll this Spring. Ky Farm Bureau’s coordinator of its ‘certified roadside farmers’ market Program’ says bedding plants are now ‘in,’ and several markets are open.

Listen: March 20, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A report on a late March beef promotion tour of Ky cattlemen going to Texas. Clark County’s John Hendricks, VP of Ky Farm Bureau and Beef Cattle Committee Chair discusses the effort.

Listen: March 19, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


An update on continued growth in use of global positioning satellite technology on more equipment and more farms across Ky. UK ag engineer Scott Shearer provides details.

Listen: March 18, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A report on efforts to rehabilitate the FFA Leadership Training Center in Hardinsburg. Comments from FFA advisors Larry Hendrick of Hardin County and Mike Ross of Mason County.

Listen: March 17, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Many Kentucky farmers will be trying to re-build their pasture stands this spring. One UK forage specialist indicates they’d better order their seed early and be prepared for a little sticker shock.

Listen: March 14, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A report on how the farm bill pie is sliced that may surprised some non-farmers. While maybe 12% of program spending goes for commodity programs, some 69% is dedicated to feeding programs for the poor.

Listen: March 13, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A feature with US Labor Dept representative Leon Sequiera on proposed administrative regulation changes for the H2A guest worker program that may be favorable for Kentucky farmers.

Listen: March 12, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


An update on the Ky Ag Heritage Center that will be far more than a “agriculture museum.” The Center’s Executive Director Virginia Flanagan discusses the center’s progress and potential.

Listen: March 11, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


From providing fuel for energy generation to serving as a base for additional motor fuel alternatives, UK forage specialist Ray Smith says cellulosic crops may have great potential and demand.

Listen: March 10, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A feature story with Cumberland County farmer Kim McCoy who lost a hay storage structure in recent storms. He discusses the true value and growing popularity of these facilities which are helping Ky farmers retain nutrient value for their cattle.

Listen: March 7, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


An update on the effort for a Kentucky cotton comeback. Fulton Co. farmer, Glenn Howell discusses recent up’s and down’s for producers in the Purchase who’ve been trying the cotton crop.

Listen: March 6, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


The successful county fair cost-share program projects will be announced any day now. Program coordinator Stewart Gritton takes a look at the progress made by 2006 grant recipients.

Listen: March 5, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Various Ky dairy industry sectors are joining forces to hold a joint “Ky Dairy Partners” conference this week. KDA’s Eunice Schlappi discusses the conference and current dairy challenges.

Listen: March 4, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A report on Farm Bureau Drive-In Day to Frankfort as the group teams up with FFA leaders to discuss ag issues with legislators. FB Public Affairs Director Laura Knoth highlights the issues.

Listen: March 3, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Betsy Stone of Stone Hill Honey in Henderson County is helping coordinate a beekeepers school this Saturday. Stone discusses their 120+ hives, her value-added products, her husband’s work in ‘breeding queen bees for sale’ and the overall potential in bees.

Listen: February 29, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Bruce Metzger with KCTCS discusses that agencies available computer training for farmers through the ag development process. He says the state has been making steady progress in the area.

Listen: February 28, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A unique training session in large animal rescue is set for later this spring at Eastern Kentucky University. EKU’s Dr. Larry Collins says more “first responders’ need this training in Ky.

Listen: February 27, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


If you have anything at all to do with purebred livestock in Ky or this region of the country, the place to be this weekend is the Ky Farm Bureau Beef Expo, Feb 29-Mar2. FB Vice President John Hendricks of Clark County explains.

Listen: February 26, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Some 198 Kentucky farmers are in Washington this week to discuss the farm bill and labor issues with the state’s congressional delegation. Farm Bureau President Marshall Coyle comments.

Listen: February 25, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


The base rates for acreage in carbon credit sequestration programs have increased: more than doubled in recent weeks. Ky Corn Grower Assoc. rep Adam Andrews explains and discusses the possible opportunities open to Ky farmers.

Listen: February 22, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Budget cuts in higher education will have impacts as well at the UK College of Agriculture which means effects in extension, research and regulatory programs on which the state depends. UK Ag College Dean, Dr. Scott Smith comments.

Listen: February 21, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A new web site for consumers and agri-business operators is being unveiled this week at the Agri-tourism Summit. This relatively new form of ag enterprise is gaining ground and drawing visitors.

Listen: February 20, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


"Capture the Value' is the theme of a conference this week in Somerset aimed at expanding income from Ky timberlands through better management and by exploring "new" income options.

Listen: February 19, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A visit with a Ky roadside market operator who is both a student and a teacher in agri-business market development. Montgomery County's Cindy Peake is featured.

Listen: February 18, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Dr. Tony Brannon, Dean of Murray State University’s ag school, chaired the special task for on agriculture which developed the state’s new long range strategic plan. He runs down some of its structure and goals.

Listen: February 15, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Governor Beshear has responded favorably to Kentucky’s new long range strategic plan for agriculture. Comments from the Governor and from Farm Bureau president Marshall Coyle.

Listen: February 14, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Despite the ’07 drought across Kentucky demand for farm equipment seems to be extremely high. John Deere equipment dealer, Sam Lawson is featured.

Listen: February 13, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A feature story on the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville this week. It’s the largest indoor equipment show in the nation and this week the spotlight is on Kentucky.

Listen: February 12, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Even with higher costs for hay and feeds experts say there’s money to be made for Ky farmers holding on to feeder calves and “backgrounding” them. UK beef specialist John Johns discusses.

Listen: February 11, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A story on a regional beekeeper conference in McCreary County. Local extension agent Greg Whitis discusses the culture of beekeeping in the region, and its growing popularity.

Listen: February 8, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Woodland owners across Kentucky need to take steps to be sure their valuable timber isn’t stolen by unscrupulous logging operations. UK forestry professor Jeff Stringer explains.

Listen: February 7, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Farmers who will need H2A workers this year to help plant and harvest crops need to move quickly to secure those workers. Comments from Rick Alexander with Commodity Growers Coop.

Listen: February 6, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A feature story on the observance of Food Check-Out day (Feb 6) which is the day by which the average U.S. family has earned enough income for its annual food needs. Graves County’s Frieda Heath, Chair of Ky Farm Bureau Women’s Committee comments.

Listen: February 5, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Kentucky’s dairy industry seems to be bottoming out a little after years of decline. The Ky Ag Dept’s Eunice Schlappi discusses some of the factors that are driving current trends.

Listen: February 4, 2008, mp2 @ 28.8K


A story on a regional beekeeper conference in Edmonson County. Local beekeeper John Moore discusses statewide producer challenges and some of the meeting highlights.

Listen: Februray 1, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A report on an effort to assist citizens willing to serve in public office. Joe Cain discusses Ky Farm Bureau’s Campaign Management Seminar.

Listen: January 31, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Statewide, agritourism continues to grow says the Ky Ag Dept’s Stephen Yates. He discusses that growth, an upcoming workshop and their new web site connecting consumers with fun.

Listen: January 30, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A report on the Johnson County Agritourism Loop. Local extension agent, Brian Jeffiers, says local farms and agri-business are excited about the new venture to open this Spring and the concept might work in counties all across Kentucky.

Listen: January 29, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


The deadline for return of the 2007 Ag Census forms is a week away, Feb 4, 07. Ky’s chief statistician for KASS, Lee Brown, discusses the need for and use of the material to be collected.

Listen: January 28, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A wrap-up report from a featured speaker at UK’s Ag Economic Outlook conference. Ag economist Lee Meyer takes a look at market trends ahead for Ky beef producers.

Listen: January 25, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A report on Ky landing a major, national forage conference. UK extension specialist Ray Smith discusses the crop’s economic importance and potential for new uses to cut greenhouse gases.

Listen: January 24, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A feature with Mike Oveson with the Ky Pork Producers Assoc. as their annual meeting takes place Jan 25/26. He discusses trends in production.

Listen: January 23, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A report on the growing trend of carbon credit trading among farmers. Ky Corn Grower Assoc. rep, Adam Andrews says farmers can earn a little income as they protect the environment.

Listen: January 22, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


The reporting period for the 2007 Ag Census is drawing near. Dwayne Ingram chair of the UK horticulture department explains why fruit and vegetable producers should definitely participate.

Listen: January 21, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A report on Ky Ag Adventures with the Ky Ag Dept’s Rayetta Boone. She says this day-long educational program can be a real benefit to Kentucky school systems across the state.

Listen: January 18, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A report on a new approach to farm safety. Farm Bureau’s Terri Bradshaw suggests that farmers try using an annual farm safety check list. She says it isn’t that time consuming; and it works.

Listen: January 17, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A feature report with Dr. Tony Brannon with Murray State University and their hosting of Soybean Appreciation Day, Jan 22.

Listen: January 16, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


A report with UK extension entomologist Ric Bessin on the return of the 17-year cicada to Kentucky this May and June.

Listen: January 15, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Maintaining 50% of tobacco settlement funds for agriculture, rehabilitating Ky’s two animal diagnostic labs, and getting more large animal veterinarians to practice here; they’re all on the farmer’s legislative agenda for this General Assembly. Feldhaus reports.

Listen: January 14, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Mike Bach of Bath County share’s Mattingly’s (above) inventiveness as he has developed a “no-hands” gate latch. Bach and Mattingly have won expenses to New Orleans to display their inventions at the American Farm Bureau Annual Meeting.

Listen: January 11, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Its function is as simple as its name. Marion County farmer Joe Paul Mattingly has invented the “mini luber” by simply re-using a syringe type medicine delivery device for cattle. He fills it with re-cycled engine oil and can lubricate hard-to-reach mechanical fittings.

Listen: January 10, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


With this week’s opening of the legislative session in Frankfort the ag sector has several items on its “to do” list that it hopes the General Assembly will address.

Listen: January 9, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


On the fruit side 2007 devastated many apple and peach crops and the dry fall may have impacted the fruit set for the ’08 season. Nelson County grower Maurice Fegenbush offers an assessment.

Listen: January 8, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K


Despite the worst drought in Kentucky history a good number of vegetable growers had fairly good crop years. The president of the Ky Vegetable Growers Assn, Robert Stone of Bourbon County, comments.

Listen: January 7, 2008, mp3 @ 28.8K

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