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About Us


President   Jeff Barry
1st Vice President   Jeff Coke
2nd Vice President   Matt Castlen
 Secretary/Treasurer   Kent More
Office Secretary   Leigh Ann Kuegel
Agency Manager   Dan L. Turley
Agency Manager   Gavin Roberts
Agency Manager   Wes Mills
County Ag Agent   Clint Hardy
Farm Bureau Women's Chair   Leigh Ann Kuegel
 Young Farmer Chair   Chad Hall


 Gary Cecil   Owensboro
Scott Elliott   Philpot
 Mack Estes   Owensboro
 Sylvester Fischer   Owensboro
Jimmy Gilles   Owensboro
Tom Goetz   Owensboro
Darrell Hagan   Whitesville
Joan Hayden   Philpot
Martin Krampe, Jr   Owensboro
John Kuegel Jr.   Owensboro
Royce McCormick   Utica
Carlus Mercer   Utica
Keith Riney   Owensboro
 Paul Scherm   Owensboro
Wally Taylor   Utica

Area Program Director: Tony Holloway
District #2



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