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2nd Vice President   Scott Elliott
 Secretary/Treasurer   Kent More
Office Secretary   Leigh Ann Kuegel
Agency Manager   Stuart Anderson
Agency Manager   Gavin Roberts
Agency Manager   Wes Mills
Agency Manager   Chris Hoskins
County Ag Agent   Clint Hardy
Farm Bureau Women's Chair   Leigh Ann Kuegel
 Young Farmer Chair   Wes Poole



Jeff Berry   Philpot
Jeff Coke   Calhoun
John Kuegel, Jr.   Owensboro
 Gary Cecil   Owensboro
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 Paul Scherm   Owensboro
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Area Program Director: Tony Holloway
District #2

KFB Spotlight

Down the Backroads
September 22, 2018
Down the Backroads

By Tim Thornberry, Editor Kentucky Farm Bureau News

During a recent visit to West Kentucky, I decided to make the return trip an adventure and stay off the Interstate/Parkway for as long as possible. Nothing wrong with our wonderful Interstate system, but I do enjoy the scenery that can only be found on the less beaten paths.

Renee Laurent Named Compliance Manager
September 6, 2018
Renee Laurent Named Compliance Manager

Governor’s Office of Agricultural Policy (GOAP) Executive Director Warren Beeler announced today the appointment of Renee Laurent to Compliance Manager. Renee is a former intern for Kentucky Farm Bureau. We wish her well at her new position and we are proud of her earning this opportunity. 

Kentucky Farm Bureau Seeking Participants for the 2019-2020 LEAD Class
September 4, 2018
Kentucky Farm Bureau Seeking Participants  for the 2019-2020 LEAD Class

Recruitment for Kentucky Farm Bureau’s (KFB) next group of participants in the two-year, Leadership Enhancement for Agricultural Development (LEAD) program is now underway. Up to 16 individuals will be selected for this intensive learning experience to equip the next generation of agricultural leaders with the tools to manage tomorrow’s challenges.