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About Us

President   J.E. Pryor
Vice President   Glenda Wright
Secretary/Treasurer   Gregory Campbell
 Farm Bureau Women's Chair  
  Ginnie Shloar
 Young Farmer Chair   Jack Orem
Kent Boyd   Hopkinsville
Heather Cansler   Hopkinsville
Olivia Clark   Hopkinsville
Barry Cornelius   Hopkinsville
Justin Crunk   Hopkinsville
Alan Cunningham   Pembroke
David Draper   Hopkinsville
Thomas Folz   Herndon
Tom Folz   Herndon
Gary Haile   Herndon
Michael Harton   Hopkinsville
John Maddux   Pembroke
Robby Massie   Pembroke
Jack Orem   Pembroke
Lacy Orem   Pembroke
Marsha Parker   Oak Grove
Wesley Parker   Oak Grove
Jason Powell   Hopkinsville
Jennifer Rives   Hopkinsville
Thomas P. Rives   Hopkinsville
Dale Seay   Crofton
Ginnie Sholar   Hopkinsville
Keith Sholar   Hopkinsville
Jeremy Strader   Herndon
Carole Sweeney   Hopkinsville
Steve Williamson   Hopkinsville
Tiffany Bolinger   Pembroke



KFB Spotlight

"I Have Big Dreams for this Place"
June 23, 2022
"I Have Big Dreams for this Place"

To say Catlin Young wears many hats would be an understatement. This recent Murray State University (MSU) agri-business graduate/first-time farm owner/University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food, and Environment Weed Science Technician/social media blogger/animal lover is blending these many roles to accomplish her mission of carrying on a family farming tradition.

Bringing the Farm to the City
June 23, 2022
Bringing the Farm to the City

When searching for information about or images of Jefferson County, Kentucky on the internet, one will likely see photos of the Louisville skyline or statistics about it being the most populated county in the state.

Morgan Askins, Miss Rodeo Kentucky 2022
May 6, 2022
Morgan Askins, Miss Rodeo Kentucky 2022

On a colder than normal April afternoon, Morgan Askins is unloading her two quarter horses at the Shelby County Fairgrounds as she prepares to be the flag bearer for the weekend’s Kentuckiana Ranch Horse Association (KRHA) event. She gets her horses settled and prepares for the next day’s activities.