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About Us


President   Alex Hyrcza
Vice President   Robert Appelman
 Secretary/Treasurer   Cary Carl
 Farm Bureau Women's Chair   Louise Moneyhon
Young Farmer Chair   Molly Jordan


Jane Appelman   Augusta
Robert Appelman   Augusta
William Asbury   Augusta
Howard Baker   Brooksville
Sue Baker   Brooksville
Margaret Bay   Brooksville
Cary Carl   Brooksville
Margaret Carl   Brooksville
Marie Courts   Foster
Drue Hyrcza   Augusta
Maria Hyrcza   Augusta
Molly Jordan   Brooksville
Ina McCord   Brooksville
Louise Moneyhon   Augusta
Betty Newman   Brooksville
Leslie Newman   Brooksville
Larry Smith   Brooksville


KFB Spotlight

Across Kentucky - March 24, 2023
March 21, 2023
Across Kentucky - March 24, 2023

KFB Second Vice President Sharon Furches says says National Agriculture Day is a celebration for everyone.

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2023 KFB Congressional Tour
March 21, 2023
2023 KFB Congressional Tour

Each year, Kentucky Farm Bureau (KFB) members by the hundreds make their way to the nation’s capital to participate in the annual Congressional Tour.

Water Quality and the Role of Agriculture
March 21, 2023
Water Quality and the Role of Agriculture

For decades, environmental experts, government agencies, and concerned citizen groups have been hearing about and monitoring an area in the Gulf of Mexico that has come to be known as the Hypoxia Zone.