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Community Focus - Women's Leadership Conference

  • May 07, 2014

February 28, 2014, six of the Nelson County Farm Bureau ladies attended the conference held at the Embassy Suites in Lexington, Ky. These six were Elaine Roche, Sarah Wheatley, Geraldine Flaugher, Anita and Melissa Schenck and Jean Jury.

Mary Courtney, Young Farmer from Shelby County Farm Bureau, gave a presentation about "What It Takes!" to become a farmer this day and time. She talked about how she and her husband's ambition prompted them to acquire their acreage and farming enterprises while making a lot of sacrifices along the way. She majored in marketing in college whereby it led to a lot of experimental projects to sell vegetables and pay for their farm. She said that all the while they were having their three children. They started out living in a barn for a period of time. She then stressed that after they reached a certain amount of success they learned from their mistakes and decided that prioritizing family life along with their farm enterprises would reward them a much richer life.

Kentucky Farm Bureau then chartered busses to take the women on a tour of horse farms throughout the Newtown Pike Area. We visited Talon Winery where we enjoyed lunch and were entertained by past talent from Kentucky Farm Bureau's Variety contests. Many women attended the tour of the winery while there. From there, Farm Bureau ladies were bussed to tours that included the 1500 acre Gainesway Farm (horse farm), Keeneland, Shaker Village and the Aviation Museum.

Saturday morning opened with Jeff Harper, Director of Public Affairs, updating the women on the legislative affairs.

Terry Gilbert, Chair of American Farm Bureau Women's Leadership Committee, spoke on a national initiative called "Our Food Link" and a project at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History where there will be an Agricultural Innovation and Heritage Archive. The effort will have a collaborative online link to collect personal stories that relate to agricultural life, work and innovation from the public and share these stories online where they are accessible to all.

Four workshops followed: Health Care/Affordable Care Act; Personal Safety/Self Defense; Ag Advocate 101; Farm Safety/Mitigating the Risk.

After lunch, Chad Hymas was the keynote speaker giving a presentation "Who Needs Legs When You Have Wings".


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