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Community Focus - Kent Bischoff Named Nelson County's “2012 Farmer of the Year”

  • October 10, 2012

A lifelong farmer, Walter Kent Bischoff, was honored at the October 9, 2012 annual meeting of the Nelson County Farm Bureau as the “2012 Farmer of the Year”. Citing Bischoff’s following achievements, Tom Hart, member of the Board of Directors, read from his nomination letter:

Bischoff has been a conservationist, an environmentalist, an innovator and a true steward of the land while growing and expanding a dairy operation to the successful farming operation it is today. A tour of duty in South Vietnam as a young man proves his dedication to his country, serving in the Kentucky National Guard in the 1960s. Additionally Bischoff is steadfast in his faith by his active membership in his church all the while growing up in Nelson County and amidst his farming career.

Hart emphatically states on behalf of Bischoff, “Kent, your dad, Mr. Louie, and all the Bischoff families that preceded you would be pleased with how you have carried on the family virtues of hard work and willingness to think outside the box.” He attributes this to his statement that Bischoff offered his wisdom and level headed thinking while serving on the Nelson County Farm Bureau Board for 39 years. Of those years he was President for two terms and served on various boards and committees.

Walter Kent Bischoff is married to Holly and they have three children; Shannon, Sunny and Jay. He presently farms with his brother, Tom Bischoff, on the Ben Irvin Road in Nelson County. Hart’s letter concluded, “In summation, Kent is a man who has served well his Maker, his country and his family. So, let me first thank you for your service to your country, and congratulate you on your selection as Nelson County Farm Bureau’s “2012 Farmer of the Year”.



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