Ag in the Classroom

Agriculture In The Classroom is a nationwide program to help students in grades K-12 gain a broad-based knowledge of the food and fiber system. Agriculture is the number one industry in the state and over 400,000 Kentucky jobs are agriculture-related.

  • Regional Teacher Workshops - For nearly twenty years, Kentucky Farm Bureau has provided educators with a variety of teacher training and professional development opportunities designed to better enable participants to incorporate agriculture into their daily core curriculum. More specifically, teachers learn the value of using agricultural related material to teach Mathematics, Social Studies, English and Science through real life application.
  • Farm Bureau Volunteers - Assist in planning farm tours and school ag fairs, make classroom presentations and inform you about new ag education programs.
  • Lesson Plans - Packets of lesson plans (Preschool, K-3, 4-6, 7-8, 9-12) developed around agriculture themes and the six KERA learner goals. Resource topics include food sourcing, consumerism, economics, animal welfare and the environment.
  • Excellence in Ag Literacy Award - Kentucky Farm Bureau is pleased to announce a new award designed to recognize and reward teachers who excel in their efforts to incorporate agricultural concepts throughout their core academic studies.