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Campbell County Farm Bureau Annual Meeting
  • May 27, 2014


Campbell County Farm Bureau 2013 Membership Award (Custom) Campbell County Farm Bureau Agency Managers Agents & Board of Directors (Custom)
Campbell County Farm Bureau Young Farm Family Sept 2013 Kevin & Billie Neltner (Custom) Hannah Flairty Young Farmer Sept 2013 (Custom)
 Luke Trapp James Wilburs Sidney Boots Hannah Flairty Sept 2013 (Custom)    

Bob Woeste's Retirement
  • May 23, 2014


 Alexandria Farm Bureau Group with Bob at Retirement Party (Custom) Bob Career Poster for Retirement April 2014 (Custom) 
 Bob Retirement Cake 34 Years April 2014 (Custom)  Bob Woeste Retirement March 2014 (Custom)



2014 Scholarship Recipients
  • May 23, 2014

Jaimie Reis, Bishop Brossart HS

Allison C. Anstead, Bishop Brossart HS

Maria Theresa Schack, Bishop Brossart HS

Courtney Leigh Franzen, Campbell County HS

Lacee Margaret Crail, Campbell County HS

Drew Michael Cline, Campbell County HS



Food Check-Out
  • June 05, 2013


DSCN4140 (Custom) DSCN4147 (Custom) DSCN4153 (Custom)



National Women's Leadership Conference
  • June 05, 2013


DSCN0043 (Custom) DSCN0078 (Custom) DSCN0072 (Custom)



2012 Campbell County Farm Bureau Annual Meeting
  • October 17, 2012


DSCN3227 (Custom) DSCN3222 (Custom) DSCN3216 (Custom)
2012 Campbell County Young Farm Family Bob Huck Jr, wife Jina and sons with Mr. Haney and Gary Chaplin. 2012 Campbell County Young Farmer Joe Crail with Mr Haney & Gary Chaplin Mr. Haney addressing the Campbell County 2012 Annual Meeting.



District 6 Outstanding Youth Speech Contest
  • October 17, 2012
DSCN3353 (Custom) DSCN3325 (Custom)

Lacee Crail representing Campbell County Farm Bureau in the District 6 Outstanding Youth Speech Contest.



Back Roads Farm Tour and Campbell County Farm Bureau Safety Day
  • July 14, 2012


DSCN0960 (Custom) Visitors observe the tractor rollover and ATV safety demonstrations.
DSCN0988 (Custom) Remember to be cautious around farmers.
DSCN0971 (Custom) Visitors checkout several booths (Farm Bureau, Soybean Council & Livestock Coalition).
DSCN0936 (Custom) Dale Dobson (Ky Dept of Ag), John Hancock (Agribility), Mike Brady (ATV Safety and Rescue) along with several FFA students. The FFA students assisted with parking and registration.
DSCN0920 (Custom)

Gary Chaplin presents a donation from Campbell County Farm Bureau to John Hancock with Agribility.



2010 Annual Meeting
  • September 30, 2010
  DSC00752 (Custom) DSC00748 (Custom) DSC00745 (Custom)
Tim Wolf receiving his Young Farm Family of the Year award and giving the audience an outstanding report on his farm operations. Presenting the award is Board Member Gene Dobbs and County President Bob Huck. Gene Dobbs, Board Member, presenting the Young Farmer of the Year award to Robert Huck III. Bill Goins, Secretary of Campbell County Farm Bureau, reading important Resolutions
  DSC00755 (Custom) DSC00754 (Custom)  
Ryan Chaplin, Young Farm Chairman, giving his report. Marci Dobbs, Women's Chairman  
DSC00774 (Custom)  DSC00777 (Custom) DSC00773 (Custom) 
Robert Huck II with wife Gina and family. Bob Huck, Campbell County Farm Bureau President and Grandson Robert Huck III receiving the Young Farmer of the Year Award. Robert Huck III 
DSC00769 (Custom) DSC00765 (Custom)  

Kevin Geisel, Agency Manager of the
Cold Spring Office giving Insurance Report.

Bob Woeste, Agency Manager of the
Alexandria Office giving Insurance Report.


DSC00716 (Custom) DSC00717 (Custom) DSC00719 (Custom)
DSC00720 (Custom) DSC00722 (Custom) DSC00723 (Custom)
DSC00724 (Custom) DSC00727 (Custom) DSC00728 (Custom)
DSC00730 (Custom) DSC00749 (Custom) DSC00732 (Custom)
DSC00752 (Custom) DSC00740 (Custom) DSC00770 (Custom)
DSC00769 (Custom)  DSC00760 (Custom)   DSC00761 (Custom)
DSC00762 (Custom) DSC00763 (Custom) DSC00765 (Custom)
DSC00744 (Custom) DSC00741 (Custom) DSC00745 (Custom)
DSC00743 (Custom) DSC00731 (Custom)  



Backroads Farm Tour
  • July 26, 2010


DSC00687 (Custom) Pictured are:
Art Reis, retired Campbell County Farm Bureau Director (left); President of Campbell County Farm Bureau and Farm Owner (center); Vice President of Campbell County Farm Bureau, Ed Stubbs Sr. (right)


DSC00685 (Custom) DSC00686 (Custom) DSC00694 (Custom)
DSC00688 (Custom) DSC00691 (Custom) DSC00692 (Custom)
DSC00698 (Custom)    



Campbell County

KFB supports every community through information products and service programs including Women's Leadership Activities, Ag in the Classroom, Commodity Market Information, Scholarships, Certified Roadside Farm Markets and Young Farmers. In addition, we offer a wide range of member benefits. Contact your local office today and learn how to get the most from your farm bureau membership.

Campbell County Annual Meeting
DSC00210 (Custom)  DSC00206 (Custom)  DSC00214 (Custom)
Diamond Head Mountain Band combined with Daniel Patrick and Family Bob Woeste, Agency Manager Kentucky Farm Bureau Members enjoying a nice meal
DSC00217 (Custom) DSC00223 (Custom) DSC00209 (Custom) 
Mr. and Mrs. Huck dish out some food! President Bob Huck Sr. delivers his speech to his fellow Kentucky Farm Bureau members. President Bob Huck Sr. 
DSC00235 (Custom) DSC00225 (Custom) DSC00226 (Custom)
Board of Directors: Gene Dobbs Board of Directors: Steve Martin Vice President Daryl Crail
DSC00227 (Custom) DSC00228 (Custom) DSC00232 (Custom)
Treasure Annabell Trapp Board of Directors: Don Lloyd Board of Directors: Bob Schack
DSC00233 (Custom) DSC00237 (Custom) DSC00241 (Custom)
Board of Directors: Ron McCormick Marcy Dobbs: Woman’s Chairman Ryan Chaplin, Young Farmer Chairman
DSC00242 (Custom) DSC00255 (Custom) DSC00257 (Custom)
Agency Manager Bob Woeste talks to the Farm Bureau Members
about the growth of the company.
President Bob Huck Sr. with the future farmers of Campbell County. Each child received $5 to put in their savings.
Agency Manager Bob Woeste, Young Farmer of the Year Mathew Seiter, and President Bob Huck Sr. (From left to right)
Kevin_Geisel  DSC00256 (Custom)  
Kevin Geisel, Agency Manager of the
Cold Spring Office
Mathew Seiter is the recipient of the Young Farmer of the Year Award for 2009. Matthew is the son of Allen and Melinda Seiter and resides with them in the Flagg Spring Community of Campbell County. Matthew works full time with his dad on their farms, where they raise Tobacco, corn, soybeans, wheat, and have a commercial cow-calf operation. In addition to those enterprises, Matthew has his own purebred Angus herd. Matthew is also a student at Gateway College where he is majoring in Industrial Controls, specializing in the Electrical Field.   
DSC00211 (Custom) DSC00213 (Custom) DSC00212 (Custom)
DSC00215 (Custom) DSC00218 (Custom) DSC00220 (Custom)
DSC00221 (Custom) DSC00239 (Custom) DSC00252 (Custom)
DSC00230 (Custom)    

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