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Testimonials - Gary Greenwell

  • February 20, 2009

When local farmer Gary Greenwell’s insurance agency told him they couldn’t sell him crop insurance, even though their company offered it, Gary decided it was time for a change. That’s when his relationship with Greg Beavin and the Meade County Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance team began, more than fifteen years ago. And it’s a decision he’s never regretted. Gary likes the service he gets from Meade County KFB, and particularly the personal service Greg and his staff provide. Whenever he’s had claims, they’ve been there for him, and when Gary’s kids grew up, the two who stayed nearby had an easy choice to make when it came to choosing an insurance agent -- Greg now represents them too. To Gary Greenwell, Greg and his staff are more than an insurance agency, they’re trusted and respected local associates who can be counted on in a crisis. Gary particularly likes the fact that Greg doesn’t just sell Kentucky Farm Insurance, he’s also a farmer! To a person who works the earth, that’s the kind of connection that means something.

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