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Testimonials - Dot and Boyd Emmert

  • February 12, 2009

When Dot and Boyd Emmert moved here back in the 1970’s, little did they know that their new insurance agent would become one of their closest friends in Meade County. But that’s the way it turned out when Greg Beavin and the staff at Meade County Kentucky Farm Bureau signed the Emmerts up for a wide range of insurance needs, from automobile, to business, homeowner, health insurance and more. The Emmerts consider the KFB team family, because they’re always there in a crisis. In fact, following a major hailstorm the Emmerts reported “no damage” when Greg called them to check. But Greg knew that many of the Emmert’s neighbors had reported problems, and inspected their roof anyway. There was damage, and KFB paid to have it repaired. On a more personal note, Greg was there when Boyd was hospitalized during a major health crisis – just like family. And that’s something folks like the Emmert’s can understand and appreciate.

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