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Repair Affair

For the past 15 years, Kentucky Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company has partnered with the Louisville-based, non-profit organization, New Directions Housing Corporation, and its “Repair Affair” program to invest in the life of a local homeowner in need. The program is designed to create safe and habitable homes for elderly and disabled homeowners by matching their essential home repairs with a team of volunteers willing and able to do the work.

In 2016, 22 volunteers from KFB Insurance spent a Saturday in early June investing in the life of an elderly homeowner, tackling much needed repairs to both the inside and outside of her house.

Volunteers scraped away old, peeling paint and applied a fresh coat to the home's windows, trim and foundation. Others applied carpentry skills to rebuild her back porch steps before treating them and the porch lattice with weather protectant.

KFB Insurance volunteers working inside the house replaced the entire kitchen floor and installed new pipes under the kitchen sink. Then they mounted grab bars in the shower and attached a new toilet seat.

By the end of the day, the KFB Insurance group had contributed a total of 128 hours of work and helped an elderly, in-need homeowner keep her house safe and functional.

Historical view:

KFB Mutual Insurance Company is proud to have such a lengthy history with this worthy cause. Since becoming involved in the “Repair Affair” program, KFB Insurance has helped 15 local homeowners maintain their independence through the efforts of these volunteer project teams.  We are proud to have employees contributing approximately 1,900 total hours of community service to these deserving “Repair Affair” recipients.