Community First - Kentucky Farm Bureau

Community First

Since 1919, Kentucky Farm Bureau (KFB) has existed to serve the needs of people and communities across the Commonwealth. Originally created by and for the diverse needs of Kentucky’s farmers, KFB has since grown into one of the largest member-based organizations in the state. Whether through the educational programming and public affairs work of its Federation or as a valued member of its Mutual Insurance Company, the lives of countless Kentuckians have been greatly impacted by the many community-oriented services of KFB.

As an organization specifically built to serve others, it only comes naturally that KFB places great emphasis on giving back to the communities it calls home. While continuing to serve as “The Voice of Kentucky Agriculture” and fulfilling its duties to help protect and insure our members and their property – both the Federation and the Insurance Company eagerly give back to the people and communities of Kentucky. We invite you to spend some time exploring the following facts, figures and stories of just a few of the ways KFB shows its love of Kentucky.