Company Overview

Company Overview

Growing to Meet the Needs of Our Clients and Employees
Within the Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance Companies, there are many different departments, and within each department, many different positions. We constantly strive to fill each position with the right person. As an employee is promoted or advances, it is our quest to find qualified people to join our team.

Accounting and Finance
Accounting and Finance is composed of four functional areas of responsibilities

  • Actuarial is primarily responsible for our rating structures for each line of business, reviewing loss reserves and maintaining our reinsurance programs.
  • General Accounting records all receipts and disbursements of the company and collects/processes premium payments.
  • Finance is responsible for the investment of company funds and monitors the company’s cash flow on a day-to-day basis.
  • Payroll is responsible for the preparation and distribution of employee pay and assists employees through controlling voluntary deductions.

Agency Support and Marketing
A wide variety of insurance products are marketed to Farm Bureau members in Kentucky by our agents. Agents are independent contractors, not employees of Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance Companies; however, they are supported by the employees of the Agency Support & Marketing Department.

This department supports all 380+ agents stationed across the state and provides a variety of services including maintenance of records, both production and contractual, training to provide coaching and continued education, promotional contests and events, and communications.

The mission of Claims is to fulfill the promise of the insurance products marketed by Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance (KFB) Companies and sold by our agents.

Customer claims are interpreted and either settled or denied based on compliance with statutes, regulations and case law. A position in the Claims department requires good public relations skills, diplomacy and a deep understanding of KFB Companies’ policies and philosophy.

Human Resources and Support Services
Human Resources and Support Services areas include employee relations, talent management, internal communications, and operational services.

Information Technology
Information Technology is compsed of four areas of responsibility:

  • Computing and Network Services is responsible for IT infrastructure including; field IT support, mainframe systems, open systems (Windows server based platform), data/voice communications, IT security, the Help Center and IT Operations.
  • eBusiness and Enterprise Architecture is responsible for designing and implementing Internet websites, office automation support, and Enterprise Architecture of automated systems including testing, quality assurance, and data architecture.
  • Business Application Delivery – Claims Administration and Financial Services is responsible for supporting the data processing needs of the Claims and Accounting business units.
  • Business Application Delivery – Policy Administration is responsible for the system design, analysis, development, implementation and ongoing production support of all policy related applications.

Legal Services

  • Legal Services provides legal counsel, support and service to all departments within the company. Some of the other primary functions of Legal Services include: overseeing and managing litigation which affects the company, assisting in maintenance of corporate records, and participating in legislative activities.
  • Compliance, as directed by the Office of Insurance and federal/state legislation, ensures the Company meets statutory and administrative requirements, including auditing the various departments of the Company.

Product and Risk Management
Product and Risk Management is responsible for reviewing and underwriting Kentucky Farm Bureau’s (KFB) property and casualty insurance and providing service to policyholders. Product and Risk Management is divided into five functional areas:

  • Underwriting Administration underwrites all lines of business. This area also manages the incorporated KFB Insurance Agency, which brokers coverages for lines of insurance or individual risks that cannot be written in the Kentucky Farm Bureau companies.
  • Agency Underwriting Support assists the agency force in maintaining a profitable book of business and in meeting goals by providing valuable information and facilitating the re-underwriting process.
  • Underwriting Services is responsible for product development, enhancement and implementation; systems automation through project management; filings to the Department of Insurance; and resolving compliance issues.
  • Policy Services provides customer service to insureds with timely information regarding changes in insurance coverage or billings. Other functions of Policy Services include Auto and All-lines Processing.
  • Product Analysis and Research is responsible for the research and evaluation of the property/casualty insurance market and the insurance products that serve this market.