President's Column: The Continued Growth of the Kentucky Farm Bureau - Kentucky Farm Bureau

President's Column: The Continued Growth of the Kentucky Farm Bureau

Posted on Dec 14, 2017

As we prepare to close out another year on the farm and at Kentucky Farm Bureau, it is good to see continued growth in our organization. But so often we confuse adding members as a sole source of gauging that growth.

For me, it’s as much about what we do as members as opposed to how many of us there are. The growth I’m speaking of not only comes from increasing our numbers, but from being more vocal in our efforts to be strong advocates for agriculture; being a solid organization for our members in both rural and urban communities; and our willingness to speak up about issues to legislative and Congressional leaders.

In return, I think those leaders, at all levels, have a great respect for KFB and the more than 478,000 members that make up this wonderful organization. I think our efforts have given us credibility not only in the agricultural arena but as community partners throughout the state, as well. 

Growth means knowing when to not only stand up for a particular issue, but when to listen to others who may or may not always agree with us as an organization. Growth is as much about learning as it is earning.

In completing our recent annual meeting, we hope those who attended took advantage of the many informational/educational sessions that were available and spent time with old and new friends alike. It is perhaps the most special time of the year when we can look at our accomplishments of the passing year, and look forward to new opportunities in the months ahead.

But there will also be new challenges that we will recognize, embrace, overcome, learn from and ultimately grow from as individuals, as a collective farm family, as an industry and as an organization.

With the New Year, there will be those opportunities to advocate for our priority issues on many different levels. A new session of our General Assembly begins and we will be there ready to share our thoughts on matters related to agriculture and concerns in our rural communities.

It is the year of the Farm Bill, and we will have collective recommendations ready for our Congressional delegation. It will also be an election year for several local, state and federal offices. And Farm Bureau members vote in a big way which serves as yet another chance to have our voices heard.

But let’s also remember how important it is to embrace our non-farming friends, family, neighbors and acquaintances to hear their concerns when it comes to issues they have questions about. Let’s help them to understand how important agriculture is to all of us.

As we ready ourselves for 2018, may we always strive to learn more, listen more, advocate often and grow in our agricultural endeavors and as an organization.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year