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State Priorities

Kentucky Farm Bureau 2015 State Legislative Priority Issues


• Support the rural secondary and county road aid programs and continuation of the 22.2% allocation of the state gasoline tax revenue for rural roads.

• Recommend sufficient funding be made available to maintain quality rural roads across the Commonwealth.


• Maintain allocating 50% of the Master Settlement Agreement funds to the
Agricultural Development Board, and funds be spent for the purpose of improving the net farm income of individual farmers in production agriculture.

• Support continued funding of the Soil Erosion & Water Quality Cost-Share Program.

• Support an efficient, well-administered and adequately financed Kentucky Department of Agriculture.

• Recommend sufficient funding be made available to maintain a strong grain elevator inspection program for the protection of farmers, and protect the farmer-financed Grain Insurance Program.


• Strongly oppose freezing the state real property tax rate.

• Support the current provisions of House Bill 44 (KRS 132.010). Revenue from property taxes should continue to be limited to 4% plus new growth. Proposals to exceed 4% should automatically go to the voters.

• Maintain Kentucky’s sales tax exemptions for production agriculture.

• Recommend production items associated with the equine and poultry industries, as well veterinary medicine and vaccines be exempt from the sales and use tax.


• Oppose the power of eminent domain being used to take private property for private use.


• Request state government to include agricultural representation in the process of developing water quantity and quality regulations to include, but not limited to TMDL’s.

• State water resource policy and regulations should be based on adequate scientific research data.


• Support effective wildlife management that will reduce the wildlife population in an effort to alleviate continued crop and livestock losses, automobile accidents, human injuries, and loss of life.


• Support forestry initiatives that enhance the economy and create opportunities for woodland owners.


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