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KFB Political Network

KFB's Political Network is the Difference - Activities and Campaign Involvement for County Farm Bureaus

Campaigns are no longer won solely on television, radio, and bumper stickers. Campaigns must be won with volunteer activities.

Nothing is more important than Farm Bureau's Network. Organized in all 120 Kentucky counties, we have the ability to speak with one voice in every precinct in every elected official's district. On average, Farm Bureau can touch 6600 voters in every county throughout Kentucky. There is no better, effective voice than Farm Bureau.

In today's era, politics is affected by special interest groups. Interest groups are specific, reaching narrow groups of people. Farm Bureau, while specifically interested in the long-term vitality of Kentucky's rural economy, touches everyone connected to our almost $4 billion agricultural industry.

More and more candidates for public office are seeking volunteers to help support their campaigns. In a state with a revived public interest in politics, this creates a tremendous opportunity for County Farm Bureaus.

Many Activities Can Facilitate the Election of "Friends of Farm Bureau" 

  • Surface candidates who support Farm Bureau policies
  • Host Measure the Candidate forums
  • Publish Farm Bureau "Measure the Candidate Questionnaire"
  • Host campaign management training
  • Publish voting records of incumbents on Farm Bureau issues
  • Encourage participation in farmer support committees for campaigns of their choice
  • Organize "Get Out the Farm Bureau Vote" (phone banks, direct mailings)

Many Activities Can Facilitate the Election of "Friends of Farm Bureau"

  • Post yard, field, and barn signs
  • Walk a precinct for a candidate handing out campaign material
  • Write a letter to the editor in support of a candidate
  • Host fundraisers for candidates at coffee hours or BBQs
  • Make political contributions
  • Become a campaign manager
  • And most importantly. . .VOTE!

Farm Bureau Members Make It Happen! Be Involved!

For more information contact:
KFB National Affairs Asst. & Political Education Coordinator
E-Mail: Joe.Cain@kyfb.com


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