Variety Showcase

Playlist of the 2017 Variety Showcase contestants. 


Contestants must...

  • Be 6 years old at the time of the county contest, but not have reached 19 years old, by January 1st of the following year;
  • Be a member of Kentucky Farm Bureau and represent the county in which the parent/guardian has their membership (for group acts, 50% of the group members must meet this requirement);
  • submit an application to the county Farm Bureau women's chair by the deadline;
  • Represent the district at the state variety showcase on Friday, November 30, in Louisville, if selected as a district winner.

District variety contests are held in conjunction with the Outstanding Farm Bureau Youth competition. The variety act may be in any performance area: vocal, instrumental, dance or drama. An act can represent the district only one year at the state variety showcase.

County/District prizes are awarded at the discretion of the county/district.

State Awards - All 11 district winners perform at the KFB State Annual Meeting. Each act is awarded $250 at the conclusion of the program.


2018 Variety Contest Application