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Kentucky Farm Bureau News - March 2009

There is one thing missing from the economic stimulus package signed into law by President Barack Obama – a catchy title. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act pales in comparison with the New Deal of some 75 years
ago. March 2009 pdf

Also In This Issue:

Comment by Greg Stumbo, Speaker of the House

2009 National Priority Issues

Idea Exchange: Agritourism Conference Sprouts Seeds for Growth

Presidents Conference: County Leaders Urged to "Inspire" and "Persevere"

Farm Production News: Barley Attracting More Interest; Dairy Industry is Reeling

Farm Numbers Are Up: Kentucky Has 85,260 Farms

Angela Blank is new PR Director

Markets: Milk Production was higher in '08; Farm Income Predicted to Drop; Fewer Cattle in Kentucky

Nutrition Fuels Check-Out Week

Farm File: Potato Is Most Popular Vegetable; AFBF Praised for Animal Ag Program; IFAL Application Period is Underway; AFBF Launches New Consumer Website; AFBF Urges Ground Water Protection

New Farm Bill Expands: Beginning Farmer Programs

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